Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Fun - How Sweet It Is!

I'm playing in a wonderful contest to guess how many French mints are in a cookie jar they call it a cracker jar...semantics!) over at Make Mine Pink! You wanna know what I'm playing for? Go ahead, beg me! That's it, I love it! Okay, that's enough begging - I don't need much! I'm playing for a beee-yoo-tea-fulll, fabulous PINK hot cocoa set for two!!!!! (You probably already guessed before I said anything, didn't you? I know the photo was a dead give-away!)

So go over to Make Mine Pink and check it out - guess how many mints you think are in the cookie jar and follow the directions (CLOSELY!) on submitting your guess! It's that simple! I've already posted in my blog (obviously), so I'm already way ahead of the game - sometimes I surprise myself. I don't remember how I got the other photos on my blog before, other than using some html codes or something. But look at me now! I just went to the 'help' place on Blogger & found how to add an image and Voila! I did it! Now I can add pics of my beautiful grandson!

Now don't forget, make a guess and enter the contest. It ends Dec 6th, 2010 at 12:00MN EST. If I don't win it I hope you do! Good luck to all of us!

My guess is: 4,892 French mints in the jar!

Leslie Anne

P.S. Never mind any signs that this post may have been edited - I forgot to enter my guess! Whoops! LA


  1. Good morning Leslie! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    So did you win the contest??? I'm dying to know.


  2. Leslie Anne...I must tell you that your comment on my blog today blessed me beyond measure. We have had a bit of a rough week and I have not been on blog land at all. So to see your lovely comment and read those kind words, it was a much needed salve for my soul. That may sound corny (even to me) but it has been THAT rough of a week. Anyway, what a joy to read through all the scripture on your sidebar and then see the eye candy of PINK in this post! Oh, and that hot cocoa fun is that? Did you win? Thanks again for your warm and sweet comment. Made my day!

  3. I was just about to write that I think you would love Jessica's blog too, but I see you have already visited her, because she posted right above this one. I was wondering how you found me, but maybe through her blog. I saw I had one new follower. I don't advertise my blog among my family and friends, otherwise I may have more, but that's not important to me. Any how I just wanted to say how very interesting your story is and I appreciate how honest you are, about not knowing where this blog is going, not wanting to offend, misspell, etc. I feel a lot the same way. I very much appreciate how real you are. I don't write very often in my own blog for many of the same reasons. Also I have many things I should be doing and writing on my blog takes up so much of my time. I'm not a fast typer. (Who knew I'd need more lessons than the ones in 8th grade? Computers were not a staple in homes as they are now.) I started another blog as well under a different e-mail account as a way to express and deal with my own struggles so as to not mix those issues amongst my craftier posts, but it sits still in the water, because posting to it would mean that I had to face my struggles up front. I have found other sights to help with some of them, but I feel my other blog may help someone as others have helped me. I found you today, a day that has been filled with pain. Long story short, my paternal well-loved Grandfather died this summer, and all h*ll has broken loose in the family. The fight is between our parents about Grandma but yesterday the cousins, my generation, are now in on the fight. FaceBook is where it's all going down. I'm the oldest cousin and I see things one way. My younger cousins who are being lied to by their parents, see things a different way. I wrote a 3-page response last night, but have not posted it yet as per my husbands request. I did make one teeny tiny comment, defending my sister, to the cousin who started this all, and she took up great offense, and in turn hurt my feelings with her nasty comments. I thought I could shed a little light her way, but obviously I should have listened to my husband. Said cousin has defriended me. I don't feel bad about this, but wishes I could have done so first. My mom was a great source of strength today and she along with my father are in the thickest part of this whole thing. Any way I'm glad I'm not the only one who has struggles and I just wanted to say hi! I started to to write more, but it's so long it may have to be an e-mail. Thanks for being. -A

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  5. Not that the above post is long at all. Google told me my post was too long but some how posted anyway.