Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And More Great Giveaways!

Incredibly, there are still more giveaways going on by some of my favorite blogs and new favorite blogs!

Here's one from The Old Farmhouse Gathering. If you love PRIMITIVE, you'll love this giveaway!



There are so many items in this giveaway, that you have to scroll down a bit further to see the picture of all the items included, then click on it to enlarge it, to see it all! Then there's a couple more items that will be given away a few days after the basket giveaway. I really don't have enough room here to describe everything, so you'll just have to take my word for it & go check it out!

Next up I have Pam of Rooster Inn Primitives giving away some of her prim punkins! You heard me right - I said PUNKINS, as in more than one! I'm talking one large one and five small ones! A whole patch is goin' on there!

Rooster inn Primitives give away

Rooster inn Primitives give away
Pam is hosting a give away. Winner to be picked on Oct. 10 click on the pic for details. Pam says she got her love of sewing from her mom, who used to make Raggedy Anns in all sizes! I have a special place in my heart for RA's, because when my brother & I were in 4th & 5th grade, my mother made us Raggedy Ann & Andy costumes for the school's costume contest. My brother, being younger, went first with his class and won a ribbon. My class followed and I actually heard the judges talking, noticing my costume & how it went together with the winner from the previous class. So they decided that since there was already a winner in the family, they went in another direction to pick my grade's winner. It kind of hurt my feelings a little bit, but I realized why they did what they did and was so proud of my mother for making the costumes in the first place, and for staying up so late to sew barn red yarn in rows across the sleeve of Daddy's tee shirt that had the open end sewn together, so it would fit like a skullcap over our heads. She actually made two of those & I remember her waking me up to try it on for a minute, then letting me go back to sleep. That was a wonderful memory in and of itself, but the story continues! When my Daddy passed away, and Mom decided to move into a smaller place, I helped her go through the attic and lo and behold, I found both costumes, complete, along with the pattern! I gave the Andy set to my brother and (sometime) I want to either buy a doll or make one, then use the pattern (which is for both costumes and 2 sizes of dolls) to make the outfit. I'd love to get the stuff back from my brother and maybe make an outfit for a matching Andy! Pam, if you're reading this, hope you know how much I appreciated this memory surfacing, especially at this time of the year!

And Aunt Manny is having a giveaway:

Aunt Mannys Creations Aunt Mannys is having a Halloween giveaway! Several ways to enter including multiple entries! No purchase necessary to be entered...giveaway ends September 30th!

Aunt Mannys Creations

The winner of this SPOOKY GIVEAWAY will receive a set of 3 scarey-looking mini witch potion bottles along with two sets of Halloween Hang Tag printables AND choice of ANY 1 of her Halloween patterns!!! Go - RIGHT NOW to see everything up close and personal, and if primitive and Halloween are up your alley, this is where you need to be!

And lest you should think I've forgotten my pink roots, here is a giveaway from Debbi at All in my Cottage.

sign up to win!

Doesn't that look scrumptious?!? Debbi is lauching her 2009 Christmas line called "A Cottage Christmas" and is marking it's debut with this Tea & Roses Giveaway! Included is a gorgeous pink and white tea and toast set, 12 bags of Stash Tea, 2 French Cottage glittered gift tags, and a handmade gift towel. These are sooooo shabby chic! I've already found some beautiful sugared Tea Pot Christmas Ornaments, the absolute lovliest old-fashioned Christmas Tree YO YO pillow (b) that I really, really want, both from the "A Cottage Christmas" section of Debbi's store, then under the Cottage Kitchen category, she has the most adorable oven dresses - from vintage '50's to shabby chic to fruit! All kinds of wonderful things - time to load up for Christmas!

All righty, that's all for me! I'm too pooped to pop, having so much fun looking at some really fun blogs, meeting wonderful people and seeing beautiful items and knowing that there are some very talented women out there - so let's support them!

Leslie Anne

Skipping Around the Blogosphere and Lots and Lots of Giveaways!

Okay, listen up! I LOVE to hop, skip & jump around visiting blogs with interesting names that I've seen as favorites on some of MY favorite blogs, or that I've seen commenting on someone else's blog & catches my interest, so I have to check them out. Yesterday I ran into an abundance of them, as well as some with stories that deeply touched my heart. So, in the spirit of keeping this light, right now I'm going to dwell on the more positive side, and tell you about the giveaways I've run across. Then I'll tell you about the ones that have so touched me, that it'll move you to tears as well.

Okay, first, look at my previous post to see that Susan of Between Naps on the Porch is having a giveaway - an autumn tassel from Angela at the Tassel House. Check it out HERE or click on title below!

Fall Give-a-Way from Between Naps on the Porch!

Is that not some awesome gorgeousness?

Now, look to the left and you'll see that Holly of The Pink Rose Cottage is having a giveaway to 4 lucky winners!

A Giveaway At Pink Rose Cottage

A Giveaway At Pink Rose Cottage
Click on photo to Enter For a Chance to Win This Beautiful Giveaway!

Holly's got tea napkins, tea spoons, a table topper, embroidered guest towels and a lovely soap, 8 vintage handkerchiefs and a gift certificate to her Etsy Shoppe. The napkins, spoons & table topper are one prize; the guest towels and soap are another prize; the vintage handkerchiefs are still another prize; and the gift certificate is the last prize. Wowzer!

Then, above that, you'll see a giveaway from Carol at Firecracker Kid:

Hop on a broom or grab a ride with a ghost, but get on over to Firecracker Kid to enter this giveaway!

Get on your broom and fly on over to Firecracker Kid to enter this give away!
click photo to go to contest page - Ends October1

This is a wooden farmhouse dough bowl and rolling pin keep. Handcrafted by Carol and her husband, who is retired from carpentry. So you KNOW it's gotta be well-made!

Next up is Stefanie from Rose Petals and Rust:

Enter My 100th post giveaway!!!!

Enter My 100th post give away!!!!
click photo to go to contest page ends Oct 19th

Stefanie is celebrating her 100th post and is having a giveaway in honor of this milestone! Twenty - count 'em - twenty pink vintage ornaments! Am I dreaming or what? I'd love to add these to my itty bitty collection!

Next up is Kimberly at Sugar Creek Hollow:

Halloween Candles Giveaway - Ends Oct 16th

Halloween Candles Giveaway - Ends Oct 16th
click photo to go to contest page

These are some of the prettiest and most scrumptious-scented candles I've seen in a long time - and they're soy candles! Doesn't get any better than that now, does it? The trio picture shows the flavors that are included in the giveaway - Candy Corn (love the layers!), Tricks or Treats, and Witches Brew. Don't they sound wonderful? You'll have to go to Sugar Creek Hollow to see the descriptions of each flavor, as well as visit Kimberly's Etsy shoppe to see the many other scents she has for sale!

Then came Suzy of Mill House Primitives with a Fall basket in her giveaway. I'm not exactly sure what all is in the basket, but after looking at her Etsy shoppe, I know I'd be thrilled with anything from Suzy! Suzy is a primitive folk artist from Maine.

Get on your broom and fly on over and enter this giveaway!!

Get on your broom and fly on over and enter this givea away
click photo to go to contest page - Ends October 12

I'm tellin' ya, I just can't stress enough that you HAVE to go look at Suzy's blog and Etsy shoppe to see how wonderful everything is!

Well, that's enough for now! There are just so many more that I'll have to make a second post for you to see them! Get busy though, because some of these end in a day or so, and I know you don't want to miss out on any one of these generous giveaways!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Checking In and a Giveaway from BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH

I'm currently in Maryland visiting family. I'm staying with Mom and have seen my aunt, JoAnne, cousins David and Jeff, and Jeff's twin daughters, Jenna and Jessica.

Then Mom & I drove down to Salisbury (still in Maryland) to see my brothers, Tres (Homer) and Kevin, and their families. I got to visit with sisters-in-law Karen and Mary Jane, nephews & their spouses, Brian & Angey and Michael & Lauren, and nieces Kelly and Katie. Then there were my nephews' children, Owen, Audrey, Lydia and Logan. Logan was only 10 days old when I met him! When we get back to Mom's, I still have to see my cousin Becky & her family, and my sister-in-law Cassie and her boys! Can't wait! I love visiting family; it's so much fun and laughter and filled with love. And I love it up here in Maryland. I forget just how beautiful it is up here, then I visit in autumn (my favorite time of year, especially up here!) and see the beautiful homes and the trees/woods and the mums and pumpkins and cornshocks and it kind of makes my chest hurt just a little, because I realize what I've missed all these years! (sniff, sniff!)

Now, for the really fun stuff! I visited one of the blogs I follow this morning, Between Naps on the Porch and author Susan is hosting a giveaway that is beautiful! (Welcome to the 37th Metamorphosis Monday and a Fall Give-a-Way!) Visit her blog and see the stunning "Give Thanks" autumn tassel that she is giving away, courtesy of Angela, who has an etsy shoppe, The Tassel House. If you visit there, you will find more tassels, for sale! Good luck to you if you enter the giveaway (but I really hope I win!!!) ;)

Leslie Anne