Monday, February 8, 2010

A Simple Scrapbooking Giveaway from Karla Dornacher!!!

Simple Scrapbooking

What a delightful giveaway from one of my favorite authors and artists, Karla Dornacher!! For the new scrapbooker or the seasoned scrapper, a beautiful way to show off your best photos as well as journaling about the seasons of your life! And speaking of seasons, there's one book for all four seasons, and they include what you need to create many beautiful pages in each season.

Make your way over to Karla's page to read the details, see some more beautiful pics and find out how to sign up for this lovely giveaway! The winner will be chosen by random drawing on Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Movin' On - with Biscuits (A Cry for Help!)

Wonderful warm, fluffy biscuits come with breakfast.  Don't forget to ask for their homemade syrup.
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Okay, I'm taking a leap of faith here, folks! I've decided there are things I want to do before I die...a bucket list of sorts, if you will. And not just before I die, but waaay before I die. One thing I've wanted to do is make some mouth-waterin' good biscuits. So I need a good recipe, along with some most-excellent instructions. What should the liquids be - water? beer? What temp should the liquids be - room temp? cold? ice cold? Does temp even count? What about the kneading - is it the same as kneading bread? Does it take as long as kneading bread? And what about flour? Any kind that's handy? (I might as well tell you here & now, I use good ol' all-purpose flour.) Oh, and should I sift the flour? When - before or after measuring? When measuring, do I kind of thunk the measuring cup down on the countertop, to get rid of any air pockets? Or do I not dare do that?

By the way, I don't want any of those wafer thin biscuits - I want some big-time, hungry-man type of biscuits. Big around and tall to boot, please. And only tried & true recipes, please. If you haven't made them, but think they sound good, please try your hand at them first! I really need the hand of an experience biscuit-maker to help me with this! Anybody out there?

~*GIVEAWAY *~*ALERT*~ from It's So Very Cheri!!!

It's another GIVEAWAY! This time, Cheri of It's So Very Cheri is Sharing the LOVE all month long with a huge giveaway! And there's prizes from lots of different vendors - something for everybody, if you will! There will be giveaways each week during the month of February. But you have to hurry! The first week ends tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 6, 2010, so you'd better hurry if you want to get in on it from the very first!

Become a follower AND leave a comment OR
Become a follower, leave a comment, AND post her button on your blog's sidebar OR
Become a follower, leave a comment, post her button on your blog's sidebar AND post about it OR
nah, that's it! Just GO, GO, GO to Cheri's site and read all about it, check out this week's giveaway, follow instructions and then, while you're sitting back drinking a glass of sweet iced tea or sipping on a cup of hot tea waiting to win a fabulous prize, check out the rest of her site!

Oh yeah, you never know when Cheri's gonna decide to give a prize - seriously - go read all about it!

And don't say I didn't warn you! It's gonna be a good'un!