Friday, February 5, 2010

Movin' On - with Biscuits (A Cry for Help!)

Wonderful warm, fluffy biscuits come with breakfast.  Don't forget to ask for their homemade syrup.
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Okay, I'm taking a leap of faith here, folks! I've decided there are things I want to do before I die...a bucket list of sorts, if you will. And not just before I die, but waaay before I die. One thing I've wanted to do is make some mouth-waterin' good biscuits. So I need a good recipe, along with some most-excellent instructions. What should the liquids be - water? beer? What temp should the liquids be - room temp? cold? ice cold? Does temp even count? What about the kneading - is it the same as kneading bread? Does it take as long as kneading bread? And what about flour? Any kind that's handy? (I might as well tell you here & now, I use good ol' all-purpose flour.) Oh, and should I sift the flour? When - before or after measuring? When measuring, do I kind of thunk the measuring cup down on the countertop, to get rid of any air pockets? Or do I not dare do that?

By the way, I don't want any of those wafer thin biscuits - I want some big-time, hungry-man type of biscuits. Big around and tall to boot, please. And only tried & true recipes, please. If you haven't made them, but think they sound good, please try your hand at them first! I really need the hand of an experience biscuit-maker to help me with this! Anybody out there?


  1. oh biscuits...i'm tramatized because the last time i made them i failed miserably. but my grandmother got a kick out of that blog post and promised to send her recipe that is infamous in our family! i'll try and post it one of these days! they are delicious. i'm wanting biscuits.

  2. I do not have a recipe because I do not make the delish biscuits you are describing. But my grand mother & my husbands grandmother did. They used flour,lard or vegetable shortening ,lard makes the best , baking powder & butter milk. Both had a wooden mixing bowl ,& they mixed with hands. I remember you do not over mix the dough . That makes a stuff biscuit.I don't have exact proportions. But these are the elements for a great biscuits.You can probably search for recipes &try them out .Happy baking !

  3. I don't use a recipe, most of my baking I just do by habit, My Mom started teaching me as soon as I was old enough to stand on a chair and watch. But I can give you some tips.

    The best liquid is buttermilk, sour milk also works. If you have some that has gone bad, from sitting in the fridge too long, never throw it waway, use it for biscuits, cakes, pancakes, etc. Anything with baking powder in it will love sour milk.

    Next make sure your liquid and your fat are cold, the colder the better, that way your biscuits will be lighter and flakier.

    Next, never, ever, ever, thunk your cup of flour down on the counter to settle it. If you do you will have heavy biscuits.
    That's fine with sugar, good for honey applesauce, or tomaoto sauce, but flour should never be compacted. If you don't want to sift it, fluff it good with a fork, or the edge of the measuring cup before you measure it, then keep it as light and airy as you can.
    Finally the more you knead it, the flatter and heavier they will be. The less you can work the dough and still have it all combined and sticking together the lighter and fluffier your biscuits will be.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to write a novel.

    These tips should work with any recipe. Good luck!